Sour Gripes


It has indeed been a controversial week where lives have been lost and at least one saved (we must presume). Having not seen much in video (poor quality) of a four year old (Isaiah) who wrangled his way into a caged area with a Silverback Gorilla (Haramba) I have to assume that a very sad but correct action was taken. A snap decision was required and a small boy could easily be maimed or killed whether by accident or intent by the 450 plus pound Silverback. It is a shame that a magnificent creature had to die. The course of action posed the least threat to the child. Surely the parents must own some of the blame but to attack them with ridiculous statements such as “They are the ones that should have been shot” show the extent of craziness some animal rights advocates have reached. Let’s grieve the loss and see that this cannot happen again. One child was saved (we must presume) a magnificent animal died. How many have perished in escaping terrorism in the past short while?

SO TRAGIC: Two young lives are snuffed out! Young men or boys, if you like, can come up with some crazy schemes and act out loony ideas (I was one at one time). How can anyone explain why 2 youths would be riding dirt bikes at almost 11 o’clock at night on a local road? Cody Noble 22 and his friend 19 year old Austin Newman did just that. Dirt bikes have no head lights. It was a very dark night. Why on earth would they be heading in opposite directions in close proximity? Apparently there was another bike that was not involved in the crash. Would helmets have saved their lives? It could not have hurt. None the less a miscommunication lead to the senseless loss of two well thought of young men with bright futures. Many among us have tempted fate in our youth and young adult lives. But for the undeserved Grace of God it could have been us. My heart and prayers go out to the families who have a hole in their souls that they will carry for life.

REMINISCING: Thanks to buddy Jack and his brother in law Steve I was taken another notch back into the alley of time. I was informed that prior to “Hooky” Cousins working from his garage on Elgin St. East he worked from a garage/ shed behind Ray Bondy’s shop in the alley opposite Guardian drugs. The building is apparently no longer there. It may have been deeper in the alley. It was also noted that “Frenchy” Naden worked with “Hooky”. Surely those were great days for “nick names”. ASIDE: I wonder if Dorothy and her offspring Bill, Ken and Marie Naden who lived on Wellington St. South back a number of years ago (over 40) were related? Perhaps the name is not even the same but it’s interesting to speculate.

In my “high” school years and the wooing of a sweet heart I travelled through that alley constantly. There was an opening between two garage buildings that I thought were probably at some time horse and or buggy barns. Since the street is currently under construction on that side of Queen it will be a great opportunity to take an alley walk back through time.


Question: How did we survive? Perils such as swimming in The Quarry and jumping from “The Cliff”: Is a mandatory life jacket next?

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