Local girl donates long locks to Canadian Cancer Society

Hair02RGBBy Dan Rankin

For close to a year, 11-year-old Isabelle Larivière of St. Marys has been carrying around a great weight on her shoulders. That weight? A mass of blonde hair that hung down to her waist. But ever since Wednesday afternoon, when Isabelle had 11 inches of her long, blonde locks sheared off in four neat ponytails at the St. Marys salon Hair by Teegan, that weight is gone.

Now, Isabelle can feel satisfied that the shiny locks she had been carrying around since at least last September will be going towards a good cause, as she chose to donate them to the Canadian Cancer Society.

“I felt as if some people feel bad to not have the gift of hair, and I felt really happy to have hair,” said Isabelle after her haircut. “I have plenty, so I can give some of mine to people who don’t have hair.”

Her mother Jen, who heaved a sigh of relief when her daughter’s long mane was cut down to size, explained how a label can be printed off the Canadian Cancer Society’s website allowing anyone donating hair to get free postage.

Hair01RGBAccording to the Canadian Cancer Society’s website, the society and Procter & Gamble Canada launched the “Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign” in 2007. Since then, Canadians have donated over 70,000 ponytails. The hair is then “made into wigs to help women living with cancer regain their confidence and sense of self.”

It takes between eight and 15 ponytails to create one real-hair wig. Thus, Isabelle’s donation of four ponytails will help the campaign about halfway towards the creation of one more wig. For more information about the Beautiful Lengths campaign, go to Cancer.ca/en/get-involved/support-us/donate-your-hair. For photos of Isabelle’s transformation, go to stmarysindy.com.

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