Sour Gripes


I really like a few days in the north. A lack of contact with news outlets is refreshing. The first thing I found was that I had missed a sketch to phase out natural gas in our province (denied to some extent). While away apparently a 5th criminal investigation in approximately 5 years was also begun to follow charges made by Trillium Power Corp. They contend that pertinent documents and e-mails were destroyed that adversely affects their law suit regarding cancellation of wind generators to be set on Lake Ontario. Trillium also claims that the contract was cancelled without just cause. It is their contention that no study was done to check environmental impact (stated reason for cancelling?). It is assumed that it was obvious that the power would add to the surplus we already have to dump. The question was also raised as to how it is that some 2,000 gas wells have been permitted on Lake Erie. It’s hard to think that doesn’t cause environmental concern.

Kathleen was left once again stumbling for words when quizzed regarding a contract renegotiation in June 2013 with Samsung to produce products for wind and solar power generation. In The Green Energy Investment Agreement the green, as is usual is our dollars. The $5.2 Billion agreement was lowered to save $3.7 Billion (Can any of us imagine or grasp the idea of a Billion $$?). The contract could have been cancelled without penalty due to missed deadlines by Samsung and the entire sum saved. Instead we were entered into a contract that paid Samsung for subsidized power that we did not and do not need. The part that I find difficult to understand was the guarantee of feeds on an already over taxed power grid. This is yet another reason we cannot afford the Dalton McGinty/ Kathleen Wynne Liberals. I wonder how many of the 900 jobs promised have been realized (At the time speculated)? To err is human but to mislead and deceive?

I do not wear any political colour. I care deeply about those of us who are slipping lower in our standard of living due to lower wages, higher cost of living and huge dollar misspending (criminal or just unethical?) and blunders. What kind of province are we giving our children today and leaving them in the future? As I drive about it seems I am seeing open camp ground sites that have not been empty for years. There seem to be a great number of RV’s and boats for sale. I question why I should find it more difficult to afford and enjoy the extras in life that were not a burden a few short years ago.

REMINISCING: Allan Jackson sings a song about “Just an old boat”. I was the third owner of a 73 Chrysler tri hull with a 75 horse Chrysler out board. It was purchased new by Doc Amos and my cousin purchased it from him. It had sit in a shed for some years and suffered some rot. Since the price was right I decided to resurrect the “Albatross”. When it was at its worst some said “That will never be a boat”. It took three months to fabricate a new floor and transom. Our first ride (brave souls) was in the fall and the harbor at Port Franks was officially closed for the season. Since the dredge was up for the season we had to snake our way out to open water between banks of sand. It was windy. The lake was rough. The water that splashed over the nose was cold. The boat had 4 adults and 2 kids in it. I swear the old tri hull was smiling. I rode the nose back into the ramp to spot the channel and got soaked. The old Chrysler lives on although I don’t own her. She served as a ski boat and a pleasure cruiser and a fairly shallow draft fishing boat. The closed nose didn’t mind the rough waters of Lake Kippawa and a trolling motor made her great for fishing. Some of my kids learned to ski behind her at Wildwood and we put a lot of seasonal stickers on her windshield. She was just an old boat. She purred like a kitten or roared down the lake when asked. We loved it “Just an old boat”.


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