Thorndale & Zion United Church Strawberry Supper

When you are driving through Thorndale and you see that the streets around the Community Centre are lined with cars and the parking lot does not have a free spot you know there is something not to be missed. This week that was the Strawberry Social. On May 24 was the Strawberry Social at the Thorndale Community Centre. You needed to get your tickets in advance as the few remaining at the door were sold out quickly.

The hall was full of happy diners. For those that did not want to battle the crowds of the dining hall there was the ever popular take out option that let you zip in, get your supper and zip back out to your car in under five minutes. But, as it is the Strawberry Social those people likely missed a great part of being there, as it is a chance to see neighbours and friends as well as meet newcomers to the area.

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