Sally Says

“Among the changing months, May stands confest the sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed.”

~ James Thomson

The month of May had a cool start but not too bad in the grand scheme of things. By Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May, the temperatures were supposed to be above seasonal but didn’t quite get there. It is such a wonderful time of year not only for gardeners, but for anyone who loves being outdoors. Mind you, there was a little hiccup in the weather just this past weekend with snow and below seasonal temperatures, but it was of short duration.My friend and I take a stroll on Tuesday afternoons when our schedules allow and it is definitely more of a stroll than a walk. It’s much easier to have a conversation when strolling. Sometimes we slow down to a meander. Breathing in the warm spring air and seeing the trees leafing out everywhere you look is like balm for the soul, but truly, it’s the company that is the balm. Our chats go seamlessly from one topic to the next and sometimes one has to wonder, how on earth did we get here from there in our conversation? I look forward to spending time with this wonderful woman, who has a very calming effect on me, whether she is aware of it or not. I suspect she will know after this column is published. Thank you, Melody.

The events in Fort McMurray were very big news at the beginning of May, and continue to be. It is positively mind boggling to see what devastation an out of control fire can bring. It is one thing when a forest fire rages out of control way beyond human habitation, but when it gets close to or engulfs part of a town the destruction is swift and thorough. It is heartbreaking to see all those families without homes and not knowing where or how they will rebuild. The time frame for rebuilding in general is stretching far into the future. This isn’t even a case of homelessness creeping up slowly but rather at the whim of the ravaging flames, in an instant, some families were left with nothing, but the clothes on their backs. It was very heartwarming then, to see how quickly the nation rallied behind Fort Mac. All manner of aid is forthcoming and the government is also giving large amounts in monetary support. It seems that everyone I know, knows someone who lives in Fort McMurray. My niece lived there for many years with her husband who was a firefighter and then later became a deputy fire chief (now retired). I know they and their neighbours and their friends in Crows Nest Pass, Alberta, are helping in any way they can.

The food bank is still doing quite well, thanks to the folks who purchase the brown bags at McDonalds Independent Grocer and drop them into the collection bin. McDonald’s Independent Grocer has really given us a boost with the seasonal food drives they hold for our food bank. I must also give a sincere thank you to Stonetown Foodland for the food drive they did recently with similar brown bags. It was a generous donation of food. As always, to all the individuals, groups, service clubs, banks, businesses, churches, and schools, a very heart felt thank you for continuing to support the Salvation Army Food Bank.

Please note that the food bank will be closed on May 23, 25, 27 and 30.

Wishing everyone a safe and splendid long weekend.


Sally Ann

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