Local barber Mike Mattiussi calling it a career


By Dan Rankin

St. Marys barber Mike Mattiussi retired last Friday, after 52 years in the business.

Mattiussi said he knows a few families for whom he cut multiple generations of hair, including the Fullers, who he said he cut the hair of five generations.

“I wouldn’t have a clue,” he said, when asked just how many heads he thinks he’s trimmed up over the years at his 35 Wellington Street North barber shop.

“He cut my hair when I was a kid in town, and gave me my last haircut before I left to do my RCMP training in Regina,” said local resident and repeat customer Ken Felkar. “43 years later I moved back to the area and he gave me my first haircut upon arriving back here.”

Matiussi started barbering at age 20 in 1964, and said even up to today he still had repeat customers who were some of his “originals.” While that is some testament for the quality of haircut he gave, he said he thinks his customers also often came by for the good conversation.

“It’s been a good go,” he said. “I’ve got a cottage in Collingwood and a fishing camp at James Bay. I’ll be okay. I’ll be busy.”

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