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Rev. Debra Sinclair

Debra Sinclair is an Interfaith minister living in Stratford.

I recently co-facilitated a workshop on the Chakra System and how it contributes to our mind…body…and soul. My colleague and myself felt that without a clear understanding of the Chakra System, one is unaware of how important this system is to bringing balance into our lives and opening our awareness to the Gifts of Spirit that are there for each of us to experience. Thus the workshop and its sharing came into fruition.

Chakras are becoming increasingly recognized as fundamental to Holistic healthcare. For everyone of us, life is an exploration. As we journey on this exploration we enjoy an increased acceptance of all things sacred. Spiritual techniques, complimentary medicine, the healing arts and methods of empowerment have all grown in popularity.

As we search for ways to develop ourselves personally and spiritually, the sacredness of life becomes more apparent. Scientists tell us…as the ancients before us have told us…that we, like all life, are merely “energy in motion.” So as we learn to understand energy, we begin to understand the very essence of life itself.

Teachings from many cultures indicate we have seven major Chakras…twenty-one minor…forty-nine minute…and numerous miniscule Chakras. The seven major Chakras radiate out from different points along the spine forming a vertical axis which runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

The word Chakra originates from the ancient sacred Indian Sanskrit language and means “Wheel of Light.” This refers to the cone-shaped vortices of energy which spin and vibrate within the energy body. The yogic tradition of ancient India was the first to describe, many hundreds of years ago, the presence of specialized spiritual-energy centres in the body. Although Hindu and yogic teachers in India have recognized their existence for centuries, knowledge of the Chakras has only recently made its way to the West.

The benefits of Chakra work are immense. By working with these centres of awareness we begin to open ourselves up to positive energy and connect with Divine Universal Energy. We blossom in all areas of our being, like a flower’s petals, opening one by one.

Chakras spin continuously; through their rotation they collect energy from the environment, plants, animals, other people, the sun, moon and the entire cosmos. Thus the Chakra serves as a kind of way station in which energy is collected, transmitted and made available for the ongoing processes of an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual life.

By working with our Chakras we go beyond the general considerations of our health as they each symbolize different states of human development. By involving ourselves in these different levels of being, we can engage in our Divine potential, discovering who we are.

Each of the seven Major Chakras governs a different stage of psychological and spiritual development creating various levels of consciousness. The first three chakras…The Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus…are responsible for Survival, Self Awareness, and Inner Stability. The Heart Centre which is the Fourth Chakra, is the point of Transformation from the inner world, which is our personal reality, to the Universe. The remaining centres…The Throat, Brow and Crown…are spiritual centres focusing on communication, insight and wholeness.

Chakras are really who you are! They are your very essence. They are wheels of vibrating light that bring inner wisdom and knowledge. They are your energy centres of awareness in your human body, influencing harmony and equilibrium, while constantly realigning you energetically with the Divine. Understanding the seven major Chakra centres and realizing your full potential can provide enough spiritual practice for a lifetime.

Rev. Debra Sinclair Interfaith Minister

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