Sour Gripes


As long as the town insists on tar and chips on town streets I will complain. I fail to see much of an upside. The gravel is a hazard to cyclists (motorized and not) as well as those with disabilities attempting to cross with canes, walkers or wheel chairs. The dust and tar spatter is not endearing either. It’s inevitable that streets will be torn up such as our main street now is. It’s pretty much a given that early summer will bring road and sidewalk repairs. However the added walking or riding through marbles and dust is a hazard. Never mind that gravel filling pot holes just gets pushed into a mound on the exiting traffic side. I could go on but protests from many, in previous years has fallen on deaf ears so I’ll stifle.

After a rather open winter as compared to the last few I’m sure I wasn’t the only one hoping for a warm early spring. The frost on the car windows in the mornings and not much in the way of shirt sleeve days I haven’t really felt “Spring Fever”. It may be that with each passing year I’m in a bigger hurry to “feel the heat”. Today I started the day with a heavy “hoody” and by mid afternoon I had not only got down to short sleeves but with the car windows up to prevent papers flying about I had the air conditioning on. I must admit that a fellow worker had put it on for a parts run just prior. At first I thought he perhaps had taken leave of his senses but soon agreed with his decision. That surely is a sign of spring.

It goes without saying that my ritual of Thomas Street river drives (or whichever riverside road beckons) are stepped up with the return of birds and the growing green. That habit of mental health tours along the river side was engrained as a child when our family made the drive and a picnic common on many Sundays.

The family home from Vancouver were a little surprised that the trees were as of yet not in full leaf. They noted that their tulips were already fading. I guess it’s been a while since they last had a Spring trip home (Is it still home?) in early May. Indeed it seems to me that our perennials are a little lazy this year. I guess a real sign hit when I cut the grass tonight. Was it Monday when I got the motorcycles out to show Isla (grand daughter) and took my first ride from our east end home to the beer store and back? I’ll admit that without some of the gear it was a chilly ride. None the less it brought out the same smile as it does every year.

The Ice Is Out in Kipawa!! Over the last few years a number of friends have traveled to Alwaki Lodge and the hospitality of Brian, Tina, Rob and Stacy Douglas to open the camp for the summer. What a great escape from the wacky pace of the work a day world. A few chores and a lot of camaraderie highlight the few days. Fresh air beautiful scenery and great meals around a large harvest table combine with lively conversation and lots of laughter. You just can’t help stopping whatever you are doing to gaze out over the water to soak up the views. It reminds me of large family get-togethers or work crews around the table at haying or harvest on the farm as youngsters. Spring has Sprung!

REMINISCING: We would be pushing Scout leader Larry McIntosh for our cook outs on meeting night. We would pile some odds and ends into a station wagon or truck to head out to Trafalger to start a couple of bonfires. I can’t remember anything on the menu other than beans and wieners heated over the fire in a pot or just the wieners cooked on sticks. I seem to remember the odd hot dog in a bun complete with ketchup and mustard. By the time we ate and sang a few songs it was time to tear back to town to go our separate ways for the cool long walk home. Great times:


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