Sour Gripes


Prime Minister Trudeau began a news conference on a sour note though he started with a bit of Star Wars humour. Although I was left at the gate in the Star Wars I was aware (painfully by day’s end) that May 4th was to be the day that “May the 4th be with you” would resound. He took time to state that it is an important time in their governance (what that is I’m not sure). It did not seem that he was alluding to a National emergency. Only then did he get serious and mention the disastrous fires raging at Fort McMurray. This and the 80,000 people being evacuated while their homes were razed or were in danger of burning should have been his and our Nations prime concern. I realize that we use humour in many situations to ease tension but the old line came to mind “And so many comedians out of work!” It seemed a bit of a replay on Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Perhaps I overreacted to his comic relief. The numbers of people and perhaps an entire city that will have to start over is a hardship we can hardly imagine. As of the time of writing there has been no loss of life reported (Thank God).

JUST COINCIDENCE: You see something that looks like a duck. It walks like a duck. It quacks! In all likelihood it is a duck. Since Premier Wynne has been in power a company called Green Field has donated $430,000 to the provincial Liberals. Since Dalton McGinty ‘s reign in 2006 to date Green Field has received $163 M. in contracts or subsidies. It fits with the Liberal scenario of increasing green energy no matter what the cost to us. The numbers are large to those who try to eke out a living in the new economic reality of our area. I suppose that governments only have money they generate from donations to go along with our tax dollars to operate and get re-elected. It is too bad that the money it doles back out exceeds what is donated and we once again get bit in the wallet (some of us carry that in a rear pocket). The timing of this coincides nicely with news of yet another Hydro rate increase due to the fact that we conserved over the winter!!! Isn’t that what they preach? Conservation! We continue to use less and pay more! How stupid are we?? Vote Liberal!! And we think the Americans are nuts to back “The Donald”, regardless of what ludicrous statements he makes disparaging any group (or individual) that pop into his mind! He hasn’t robbed a single American in the name of Government “YET!”

REMINISCING: What a pleasant yet short conversation I had today with the Morrison’s. I first knew the Morrison’s as one of the first neighbours to build a new house on “The back street” (Elgin West). From an early age I was aware that Ray was the head of maintenance at “Hinde and Dauch” (When did it change to Domtar?). Since I worked there for a few years in the sixties I knew he was there a long time before retiring. He told me today that he started his mechanics trade at Bill Gleasons. I had never heard of that garage but apparently Pete Newton also started there. If I followed correctly that was situated where the Farmers Market is and where Louis Martin sold farm equipment. Names synonymous with car dealers were stops along his career. I recall Richardson Motors where Guardian is and Ray Bondy’s across the alley way (He did not work for Ray). I also remember Vanexan Motors clearly and had heard that Louis Martin sold Ford from the same location (Home Hardware) prior to the above mentioned spot. It was not clear to me if Vanexan had an earlier location in town. It was also left unsettled as to where they came from prior to arriving in St. Marys.

It was amazing that I knew so little of Ray’s mechanical history. It was shocking to hear that they built their “New” house in 1959. It surely couldn’t be!! I am feeling my years and I hope that Ray doesn’t mind me saying that at 92 years of age he was in to get some parts to repair his own car. They were great neighbours to put up with our gang of loud youngsters.


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