Perth County issues Emergency Preparedness Guide

Perth South Council shows off the new Perth County Emergency Preparedness Guide available at the Township office in St. Pauls and online at

By Dan Rankin

May 1-7 is National Emergency Preparedness Week, a week Perth County and its member municipalities are devoting to reinforcing the importance of having a plan – for yourself, your family, your pets, your business, your farm, and anyone important to you.

This year, Perth County has unveiled an emergency preparedness guide and a series of fact sheets. Their theme is “Together We’re Ready.”

“Preparing in advance for the emergencies that can happen here is the best way to ensure you’re ready when an emergency arises,” said Perth County Director of Emergency Medical Services Chief Linda Rockwood in a press release. “We encourage everyone to spend a few minutes learning about the risks, developing your emergency plans and being prepared.”

The county’s Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Colvin presented the new guides to Perth South Council on Tuesday morning. “It is important to know what can happen here – have a plan and prepare for it,” he said. “You can’t prevent a tornado but you can know when one can occur, have a plan, and prepare when one threatens.”

Topics on the fact sheets include severe summer thunderstorms, severe winter weather, tornado safety, farm emergency preparedness, preparing an emergency kit, evacuations, and senior and special need preparedness. An interactive Student Emergency Preparedness sheet geared towards children is also available.

The 36-page Emergency Preparedness Guide includes local non-emergency contacts, ranging from police and fire service numbers and Twitter handles, to local healthcare providers. In an emergency, residents are reminded to always call 9-1-1.

“It’s hot off the press,” Colvin told Perth South Council. They are available for pickup at the St. Pauls municipal office, as well as in Stratford at the County Courthouse and Perth District Health Unit. It can also be accessed online at

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