Zoning, Summerfest, bridge toll and other Council news

Naomi Maxwell riding on the Puppies at Milt Dunnell field during last year’s Summerfest

There were two Public Meetings for Zoning amendments at Council on Tuesday with one being approved and the other one deferred. An application to build two separate multi-unit dwellings at 201 James Street South was approved. The initial phase will see the construction of a four-plex dwelling at the front (west) of the property and retain the existing single-detached dwelling for a total of five units. The second phase will see the razing of the single detached dwelling and the construction of a six-plex dwelling resulting in 10 units on the property. The zoning item that was not approved concerned Town owned land at 45 Thames Road. On a motion by Coun. Van Galen, staff were directed to investigate options to create property for a road allowance to allow for future potential development of lands and that the Town not sell the property at this time.

Sean Connolly on behalf of the Kinsmen requested Council “declare Summerfest an Event of Municipal Significance, to request a noise By-law exemption for the event to be held in July. The beer tent will be located at the Hall of Fame property and the Midway at the Flats, as it was last year. Approval was granted by Council.

Council also approved a request from the Lions Club to hold their Bridge Toll on the Victoria Bridge on May 28.

Although the Town’s insurance company was not in favour, Council approved the request from the Hospital Foundation to hold their “Trestle Event” on the Sarnia Bridge on June 24th. It was proposed that all tickers buyers sign a waver on the back of their tickets to attend the event. Town staff and the Hospital Foundation will collaborate to finalize details for the event.

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