Sour Gripes


Upon review I realize I touched on much of the rant on proposed gun control (but was it enough to wake us up?) I cannot however, see how much of a country can be hoodwinked by the few who attempt to evoke feelings of fear of firearms that defies reason and fact. If there were no agenda in effect to make guns disappear surely some of the legal and responsible owners of 10 million guns in Canada would be consulted in firearms legislation. I’m positive that I heard Hitler too wanted the only guns to be in the hands of police and military. Maybe soon we’ll be burning books! I know that is a nasty pot to stir but where will the erosion of our real rights and freedoms stop? I have always thought that American gun laws were too lax and that the NRA was a paranoid group of extremists but maybe some of their paranoia is justified.

The Senator proposing this legislation was reported after the terrorist attack to be “uncomfortable with guns in Parliament”! If the guard in the Parliament building was not armed how many would have died? I realize that the guard would be unaffected by gun controls but it points out her dream world where violence is but a bad dream. Her bill proposes that all but non smooth barreled single shot hunting guns would be safely stored at a gun club (protected like Fort Knox). The report I heard stated approximately 8 million guns would have to be stored at 2,000 gun clubs (a virtual impossible 4,000 per). The option is made impossible so that guns could be destroyed without compensation.

Car accidents kill. What shall we do to limit use of cars? Will cars come with an exterior lock box for cell phones? I’m certain some device will soon be incorporated to prevent impaired driving. Since far more knives are used in violent acts shall we have steak and carving knives (why not all “sharp” knives?) locked in a drawer or destroyed (I guess I could eat a steak or chop hand to mouth). I could go on but responsible people should not be penalized for the acts or perceived acts of the few criminals or fools.

THEN AND NOW: Conversation this week among friends led to comparisons on our childhoods. From early memories (after toddler) we played in the dirt pile across the road with neighbourhood kids. Not everybody had a dirt pile and open basement excavation but any yard was a substitute. The idea was that there was no adult sitting in the dirt with us. The girls “in the country” had a little different story from those from town but again there were not memories of a parent hovering over them. When we got old enough to ride bikes or just got friends from farther afield (school years) none of us could remember chaperones. We were told who or what to avoid (some of those we paid attention to) but the main rule was “be home before lunch time and supper time”. None of us has a criminal record or suffer from abandonment or other issues. We got dirty and learned what was safe and what (or who) was not. News of the week was of a child wandering the street in the wee hours while the mother was out picking up pizza. That was never O.K. Other news was of a woman in Winnipeg who was reported to Child and Family Services because her children 2, 5 and 10 were playing in their fenced back yard unsupervised!! The mother was in the house! She was grilled to tears and had to show where the children slept and how many groceries were on hand. They asked about her own childhood and how she punished her children. Since a file has been opened she fears any further (hair brained: my words) complaints could lead to her children being removed. Is this what we’ve come to? A psychologist stated that children should be as independent as their abilities allow. What next? It is nice to think that there is a neighborhood watch in effect but that’s ridiculous!


p.s. A helpful reader corrected my order in The Stonetown Diner. In fact Joan Dingman owned the business prior to Sukie Lee.

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