Arthur Meighen School to be demolished

Image Credit: Anyès Kadowaki Busby

Future plans to be assessed

The numbered company that purchased Arthur Meighen School in November 2015 have applied for and received a demolition permit to tear down Arthur Meighen School. The Avon-Maitland School Board sold the school in November 2012 and the owners at that time had plans to rent out sections of the building to “green” related businesses. Because of prohibitive costs to repair the building, they abandoned those plans and sold the building to a numbered company in November 2015. Chris Jasinski, one of the present partners in the company told the Independent that the demolition work will “start shortly” and that the company will be doing a market assessment to formulate future plans for the site. “Right now, we are in an investigative phase and we will be formulating plans to submit to the town for zoning purposes”, Jasinski said.

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