Lawyers on the move

New home for “Health and Wellness”

The building that houses lawyers Ron White and Stephen McCotter, on the corner of Water and Jones, has been purchased by Avery Gazel, who manages ‘Avery’s Health and Wellness”. Gazel purchased the building from Lorne Eedy. As a result, the two lawyers are moving their offices to a new location, on Queen Street, at the Church Street intersection in the building that was the former office for the late Dr. Pellow. The building was purchased by John Rinn. White has been at the Water Street location for 20 years while McCotter has been there since 2010. The lawyers are moving to their new location on April 28. Meanwhile, Gazel will be renovating her new business and, on May 1, she will re-locate her Wellness and Health business to her new location.

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