Perth South waste and recycling collection shifting to Monday effective May 2

April 28 will mark the last time blue box recycling and garbage collection takes place on a Thursday for Perth South residents. It will also be the last day collection takes place on the same day for Blanshard and Downie residents.

Beginning May 2, waste and recycling collection for the two former townships will take place on alternating Mondays. On May 2, recycling and waste collection will take place for Blanshard area residents including Rannoch. It should be a light collection day, as it will be just four days after the final Thursday collection date.

The following Monday, on May 9, collection will take place for Downie area residents including St. Pauls and Avonton.

Residents will still experience bi-weekly waste and recycling collection.

A new waste and recycling schedule calendar can be downloaded from the BRA website,

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