Hospital Auxiliary donates “Triple Pump”

Pictured alongside the new Baxter Colleague 3 “Triple Pump” Monday were president of the Auxiliary Larry Beattie, hospital manager Jane Rundle, Dr. Chuck Gatfield, HPHA President and CEO Andrew Williams, Registered Nurses Frances Taylor and Marcy Taylor, and Personal Support Worker Katie McNaughton.

By Dan Rankin

Funding from the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has brought, for the first time, a Baxter Colleague 3 “Triple Pump” to the local hospital. The device makes it possible to deliver three IVs or different medications to a patient, which in the past would have required the use of as many as three different pumps. According to hospital manager Jane Rundle, this makes things easier for hospital workers to support and provide care to patients, and allows patients in-hospital to be more mobile.

The $8,500 donation by the Auxiliary brought the device to the local hospital earlier this year. “It’s a great example of how important they are to patient care,” said HPHA president and CEO Andrew Williams. “Technology is changing all the time, and we’re staying ahead of the curve. We’re very lucky to have the Auxiliary.”

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