Procedural By-Law for Town revised

No swans and maybe no winners on fire truck

Town CAO Brent Kittmer presented a completely revised Procedural By-Law to the Committee of the Whole on Tuesday for consideration. Included in the recommendations are a proposed code of conduct for the Mayor and Councillors, a schedule for meetings, regulations for delegations and a question period, which had originally been at the end of Council meetings, has now been moved close to the beginning. Committee of the Whole meetings will be no longer be scheduled. Instead there will be Council meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday starting at 6:00 pm, and a new Strategic Priorities Committee meeting is scheduled for the third Tuesday starting at 9:00 am. Also included is the provision for a member of the clergy to be invited to the inaugural meeting of Council at the discretion of the Mayor. Coun. Hainer objected to this provision because the Supreme Court had ruled that there would be no prayer at Council meetings. Coun. Hainer said that the Town had sought a legal review on the matter but Mayor Strathdee said that the inaugural meeting is a “ceremony” at which the clergy should be invited.

In other Town news, Jed Kelly said that the Town will not be getting the two swans from Stratford this year. He said that because of proposed work on the Mill Race and the Water Street Bridge the Town will skip getting the swans this year.

Town CAO Brent Kittmer informed Council that the days of using the fire truck for winning teams may be over. He said that the OPP are not in favor of the practice. ‘The OPP does not share the same small town enthusiasm as we do”, Kittmer said. He said that in other jurisdictions the practice has been stopped because of safety factors. He said that this issue will be addressed in the near future.

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