St. Pauls pavilion getting accessibility upgrades

By Dan Rankin

Work began this week on accessibility upgrades to the St. Pauls Pavilion. The project will include automatic door openers for both washroom doors to provide better accessibility in entering and exiting the washrooms, Chief Building Official Martin Feeney told Perth South Council April 5.

The original tendered amount of just over $26,000 did not include the automatic openers, however they were later recommended following a review by the Perth County Accessibility Advisory Committee. The contractor, Player Carpentry, has since submitted a proposal for $6,000.30 to install them as well. The total amount is still below the $35,000 Perth South had budgeted for the project in 2016. The budgeted amount is funded by $22,750 from the Federal Enabling Accessibility Fund grant program and $12,250 from the municipality.

“The reason the accessibility committee suggested we put accessible doors in the washrooms here is, not only will it be used when there are functions going on and the concession booth is available, that facility can be rented out for families for different things,” said Dennis Manarey, of the Perth County Accessibility Advisory Committee.

The automatic door opening switches can be powered down during the off-season.

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