St. Marys Minor Ball clinics

St. Marys coach Derek Boonstra explains the proper grip for throwing a hardball to a bunch of “Rookie” level ball players last Friday.

The 14th consecutive year of St. Marys Minor Ball free indoor clinics began last Friday in the gym at St. Marys DCVI. The clinics are led by local coach Derek Boonstra and Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame director of operations Scott Crawford. Over 40 “Rookie” level players (9 and under) were out Friday, followed by about 30 “Mosquito” level players (10 and up). Boonstra and Crawford, along with volunteers Max Boonstra, Jordan Torrance and Tom Osgerby, led players through some running, jumping, stretching and fielding drills, and also gave instruction on proper throwing technique.


Pictured, Harper Murrell, 6, winds up for a throw during a game of catch last Friday evening at DCVI.


St. Marys coach Derek Boonstra, second from right, leads a warmup jumping drill, while his son Max, right, demonstrates to a group of about 40 “Rookie” level ball players.

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