2015-16 Curling Season Closes with Epic Shot

The last competitive curling shot of the 2015-16 season could not have been more dramatic.

Two teams played an exciting game last Sunday for the chance to represent St. Marys in the Travelers Ontario Club Championship Playdowns, which take place in October.

The Finalists were the team of Derek Shackleton, George White, Ian Morton and Paul Podsadecki versus the Tuesday club team of Stewart Grant, Scott Lobb, Evan Aitcheson and Mike Bender (note: Aitcheson was unavailable for the final, so Gerald Weersink filled in).

By the time the 8th end rolled around, the lead in this pivotal game had changed hands 5 times already. By scoring two points in the 7th, the Shackleton rink led 6-5 heading to the final end but without the hammer. Into the 8th end, the Shackleton team continued their fine play, and were in excellent position to steal a point and win the match, as their shot stone rested on the side of the four-foot and hidden behind a wall of guards upfront.

As in all the classic games in sports, it all came down to the last shot. Grant’s task was to raise his own guard 12 feet forward into the house, remove the red Shackleton stone, and make his own yellow rock stick in the house to score two points and win the game. Make it you win, miss it you lose.

With vice Scott Lobb calling on the sweepers early to hold the line, Grant’s final throw connected with the guard exactly where it needed to, and stunningly, the raise shot was made and the game was won.

Wallis/Liscumb win 2-on-2 Final

Through the leadership of club manager Amie Shackleton, St. Marys was one of the very first area clubs to bring on a 2-on-2 curling league, and due to its popularity there were actually two such 2-on-2 leagues in St. Marys in 2015-16.

As mentioned last week, the team of Ted Podsadecki and Brian Douglas won the “Daytime” league, while this past Sunday saw the final of the “SYO” 2-on-2 league take place.

Chemistry amongst teammates is so important in this format where you rely so much on the other player, so perhaps it was little surprise that the cohesive teams of Catherine Wallis/Chris Liscumb and Jadyn Williams/Brady St. Louis met in the finals.

In another exciting game with lots of points scored by both sides, the Wallis/Liscumb team ultimately prevailed. Their strong playoff performance followed a successful regular season where their 8-3 record put them atop those standings as well.

AGM Coming Up April 27

Curling Club Members are invited to the lounge at the Lind Sportsplex at 7:00 pm on April 27 for the Annual General Meeting.

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