Sour Gripes


I must really be a dolt. About the only thing I really know about proroguing parliament at whatever level by whatever government, is that it makes my blood boil. I have given some effort to see what exactly it means. As I understand, it is to discontinue a session of parliament without dissolving it. So does this mean we will pay members of parliament while they hide from scrutiny and a sour populace to regroup or let the pot cool off? (Looks like it to me). Since I have admitted that I did not vote Liberal I am peeved that the opinions and concerns of any in opposition will simply not come to light in parliament. Before you simply dismiss this as anti-Liberal ranting let me refer you back to the previous statement that whatever government pulls this stunt earns my anger (Remember it has occurred at Provincial and Federal levels by both Conservatives and Liberals). What kind of democracy is this? Why did I bother to vote? (For me to ask that, is a drastic turn and question in my beliefs) I suppose our “Constitutional Democracy” is far from perfect in this regard. Am I jumping the gun here? Although as of today there is no admission that Kathleen Wynne will prorogue neither is there a denial. With a majority government and virtually nothing stopping the Liberals from getting most anything they want passed why would they suspend the session? Would it not soon be their “Summer break” (wouldn’t that be nice for you and me?)? It is rumored that a cabinet shuffle and tutoring session for new cabinet members might be the reason. Perhaps this is where the attention is turned away from deficits, higher costs of living (through increased taxes), broken promises and debacles and towards the revamp required to get re-elected. In my eyes I can’t get past the fact that people are elected to legislate. How can they do that when parliament is not in session?

I am truly sick of political ineptitude and gross mishandling of our money. That is only multiplied when I think that politicians will do at best half a job and collect full wages and benefits at levels many of us have not and will not see. Being paid to not govern (no matter how badly) doesn’t seem at all like Democracy to me.

REMINISCING: MARBLE SEASON: Where did we get the “Arnies” (ball bearings) to play marbles with? I know some of the coarse dark iron balls came from St. Marys Cement but we just used those for neighbourhood games. They may not even be perfectly round! A game with those was sort of like tackle basketball but was still fun and who cared if you lost. If by chance we got our hands on the shiny chrome ball bearings of a size similar to large marbles that was a different matter. They were prized and real games “for keeps” took place. (Darned if I know where we got them!) No one would play a game against you with real marbles that were sure to suffer damage. We would have a collection of small glass cat eye marbles as well as some large ones (what did we call those bigger ones?). I can remember trading more than one for one that somebody else had. Some we would not use in a game for fear of chipping/ ruining. As we got a little older or older boys were around we wouldn’t admit to still enjoying the game.


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