Awards Season at St. Marys Curling Club

Congratulations to Derek Shackleton, Jason Skipper, John Heard and Dale Levy who won the Open Competitive League trophy on Wednesday night at the St. Marys Curling Club

The 150th Anniversary Season of the St. Marys Curling Club is quick drawing to a close, with the compressor shutting off late this weekend and the remaining big games to be played Sunday at 10 a.m.

Open Competitive League

The “A” Final pitted Derek Shackleton’s team against Matt Ignor’s team, who had led the regular season points standings. While the Shackleton rink jumped out to an early 52 lead, by the start of the 8th end they found themselves trailing by a score of 65 and under furious pressure by the Ignor squad. With Ignor sitting with shot rock and threatening another steal in the final end, Shackleton calmly drew both of his last two stones behind the guards and into the fourfoot to score two points and take the title. Congratulations to team members Derek Shackleton, Jason Skipper, John Heard and Dale Levy!

In the other big games on Wednesday night, the “B” title was won by Ken Levy, Merlin Leis, Adam Winchester and Jim Blake, while the “C” trophy went to George & Janice Miller, Bryce Poirier and Louise Miller.

Tuesday Social League

In the “A” Division, the teams of Stewart Grant and George White met up for an entertaining seesaw final that came down to the final shot. White needed to make a very difficult raise takeout to score two points and tie the game in the 8 th end, but his valiant effort was just an inch or two wide of the target. Congratulations to the team of Stewart Grant, Scott Lobb, Evan Aitcheson and Mike Bender on winning both the regular season and playoff titles in the Tuesday League.

The “B” Division was won by the team of Marvin Hartwick, Ron Hunter, Merlin Leis, Joe Adams and Larry Deneve, while the “C” Division champs were Ken Levy, Allin Mitchell, Jim Blake and Roger Spriel.

2-on-2 League

In the SYO 2-on-2 league, the doubles team of Catherine Wallis and Chris Liscumb have punched their ticket into the upcoming Sunday morning finals, and await the winner of the semifinal between Amie Shackleton/Jason Skipper and Jadyn Williams/Brady St. Louis.

Ted Podsadecki and Brian won the daytime 2 on 2 league, defeating Merlin Leis and Dave Doyle in the finals.

Travelers Qualification

This Sunday morning, Derek Shackleton and Stewart Grant will lead their respective teams in a final match to determine which squad will represent the St. Marys Curling Club in the Travelers Ontario Curling Club Championship playdowns which take place in October 2016.

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