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Rev. Debra Sinclair

Debra Sinclair is an Interfaith minister living in Stratford.


Living a life of Grace has been an aspiration of mine for a very long time. And I know that I am not alone in this desire. Since the beginning of time hearts have awaited the moment when suffering would end while the mind and soul would find ease and peace within the ordinary events and circumstances of life.

Is it possible to live in a state of grace in an environment that demands our time and energy, pulling us into a river that speeds out of control until inevitably we go over the falls, roughly tumbling, bruised and sore until we once again float languishingly bracing for the next current to pull us into its chaos? Here lies a mystery. The river and the self are not separate things but one. The rivers Source is constantly replenishing life-giving waters which as they flow from the point of origin bring perpetual grace and blessings to all parts of self. When we are able to remember that we are not separate from the Source we allow a joining of the two realizing that one’s inner sense of self is the river and the river is the self. As a consequence one can experience the perpetual flow of Grace moving through all things.

In the absence of separation from the Source a feeling of abundant Love is carried on this inner flow to heart, mind, and body. The consciousness of blessing and grace arises and gives to life a confidence and security that can penetrate whatever threatens to pull us into a current of fear and doubt.

Even if life washes up onto the shores of your being events that are unanticipated or that one would not wish for, even then, the state of Grace can remain. It can surround each new circumstance with the knowledge of Love’s presence, flowing with abundance from the Source.

So is it possible to live in a state of Grace in our everyday environment? I believe so. When we look around at the beauty of creation, when we breathe in its richness, when we have seen vastness, when we have experienced an overwhelming peace and joy, these are moments of living in a state of Grace in our environment. If you feel deeply within your soul that you are exactly where you should be at this moment in time, doing what is best for you, in that moment of acceptance is Grace. It is in those moments of self-healing, living authentically, satisfied in life as it is today. There is Grace. With life’s ups and downs, goods and bads, blissful moments and emotional valleys, there can be Grace. It is in the acceptance, stillness and tranquility within the present moment that lies the realm of Grace.

So I encourage you. Accept the miracles of Grace and become the author as well as the storyteller in your own life, experiencing the perpetual flow of Grace moving through all things.

Rev. Debra Sinclair Interfaith Minister

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