Letter to the Editor

As someone who lives on Church St. North I am concerned about what I have heard regarding the intersection of Queen and Church Streets. Apparently, the time required to cross Church Street on foot is too long given that the intersection is a bit wider. Church Street presently has parking on both sides which accommodates Library users, the OPP cruisers, and banking clients not to mention that those larger vehicles hoping to head north towards Stratford or Sebringville turn here as well. For these reasons the current configuration seems pretty ideal. Works well – leave it alone. If the time to cross is indeed a little too short, pretty easy to simply extend the light time by a few seconds. But no, town council decides instead to pay a company to move the curbs thus making a bottle neck entry onto Church St. North. Really? Of the many needs in our community I find it hard to think that this should have even been on an agenda. Surely the money for this project could be put to better use!

Gwen Ament

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