McCully’s Maple Syrup Festival continues this weekend


Just east of St. Marys, McCully’s Hill Farm continued its 2016 Maple Syrup Festival last weekend, welcoming visitors from all over for their sugar bush tours and pancake brunches. Proceeds from the Sunday brunch last weekend benefited the Me to We Group at Little Falls Public School. The group is in its third year fundraising to build a school in a developing nation; they’re over three quarters of the way there, having raised about $7,600 of their $10,000 goal. Pictured are Little Falls brunch volunteers Erin Boersen, left, Felicia Breckon and Robert Breckon. They were doling out such farm favourites as pork sausages, pancakes, apple sauce and, of course, maple syrup. The Maple Syrup Festival continues for the next two weekends, weather permitting, with the tours and brunches running from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm March 19, 20, as well as Good Friday March 25 and March 26.

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During a sugar bush tour last Sunday afternoon, McCully’s Hill Farm co-owner Dennis Aarts explains the process of how the maple sap they’ve collected at their hilltop sugar shack is pumped into their wood-stoked evaporator where it becomes Ontario maple syrup.


Siblings Ashley (pictured, holding “Floppy”) and Josh Aarts gave tours to visitors of the McCully’s Hill Farm animal barn last weekend as one stop on the “sugar bush tour” offered during the McCully’s Maple Syrup Festival, which continues for the next two weekends.

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