Letters to the Editor

Whole Site PlanRGB

Dear Editor,

It has been just over a month since the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum unveiled our exciting new plans for the Hall and since Town Council voted to have our detailed proposal reviewed by third parties.

Since then, we have received tremendous positive feedback about our project and the benefits it will provide to the Town. We are very encouraged.

We are also aware that there have been certain specific concerns raised about our plans. For example, some have asked why they should have confidence in our plans when certain past plans did not pan out. Others have questioned our financial or visitor projections. Finally, some have doubted our ability to raise funds from other levels of Government.

We believe that each of these concerns is answered by the quality of our plan, which is based on rigorous analysis and which is third-party verified. It appears that certain critics of our proposal have not actually reviewed our plan, which can be downloaded from the Hall’s website.

As a board, we knew that unsuccessful past efforts would create a level of cynicism about any new plans. The only way to combat this cynicism was to develop a robust, exciting, quality plan. We believe we have done this. We also had no interest in over-promising and under-delivering. For this reason, in our proposal to Town Council, we used the lowest third-party projections (not the mid-point or the high) for visitor/financial numbers. These numbers are based on rigorous analysis and study and are reliable. Finally, with respect to funding from other levels of Government, we are encouraged by our discussions with the Province and the Federal Government. Our plan was prepared with the expectation that it would be scrutinized by all levels of Government and we invite and encourage such scrutiny. We expect we will receive funding. Of course, the Town’s capital commitment will be contingent on funding from other levels of Government. We certainly wouldn’t be asking Town Council for a conditional grant if we didn’t believe the condition would be satisfied.

We believe that our plans will provide significant tangible benefits to the Town in terms of increased tourism and national attention. We believe these benefits will infuse the Town with new vitality, which will benefit all residents. We are excited about taking the next step in making our plans a reality, however, we require a commitment from the Town of St. Marys before we can move onto stage two of our fundraising effort.

Our plans are posted on the Hall’s website at www.baseballhalloffame.ca. We encourage you to review our plans and to contact us with any comments or questions.

John Starzynski, Chair Board of Directors

An open letter to the Southwest LHIN

Dear LHIN members,

I’ve been hearing a lot about you people lately, and it’s not good. I’m really beginning to hate you because, apparently, you are responsible for keeping me on “the list” at Stratford General Hospital for over two years, with six months to go.

The story that my orthopedic surgeon’s office nonchalantly tells me is “the money has run out!” Actually, these people are as frustrated as I am.

So LHIN members, let’s play the “walk-a-mile-in-my-shoes” game. Start by ramming a long, rusty nail deeply into your knee and hobble around on it for a year or two or more.

Try to relieve the pain, dysfunction and instability with new shoes, elastic stockings, a brace, a cane, a walker, a wheelchair, pain medication, physiotherapy, etc. Maybe you get a scope to tell you that you need a new knee (as if you haven’t figured that out). Also, by now, your other knee is crucified too.

What would it take to convince you “political hacks” that sticking patients on a list until you squeeze out another underfunded budget for joint replacements at SGH is not only mean, cruel and pathetic, but totally unprofessional and unethical.

Really, who are you people?

How did you get your job?

How long is your term What are your qualifications?

Do you even know how many people are “on the list” and for how long? How would you assess you own efficacy?

I’m sure that you have a handle on some areas of health care in Stratford, but this long wait list for joint replacement can’t continue. If you have too much ground to cover and too much work to do, admit it… please. This current plan totally sucks.

Reta Oakes

St. Marys

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