Queen Street Open House held Feb 25

St. Marys resident Brandon Boyd examines some of the diagrams prepared by BM Ross for the open house held at the Municipal Operations Building last Thursday afternoon, Feb. 25.

By Dan Rankin

The tender for contractors interested in bidding on the Town’s Queen Street reconstruction project were sent out this week, following an open house on the reconstruction last Thursday afternoon at the Municipal Operations Centre.

BM Ross’s Darren Alexander, project manager for the Queen Street reconstruction, said he expected the window for bids to work on the project stretching from Thomas Street to Peel Street to close later this month.

“If everything goes well, it should be awarded very soon after that,” he said, adding that, if a contractor has the man power and weather permits, “hopefully they can get in the last week in March.”

He said such a scenario would be “really optimistic,” but they expected work to begin by the first week of April, with the completion done by July 7.

Two sets of engineering drawings set up at the MOC last Thursday showed the work to downtown water and electrical services scheduled to take place.

Forty-eight total water lines will be worked on. A new electrical conduit will be put down beneath the sidewalks for power, communication and speaker systems Alexander said. “On each block [downtown] there’s going to be pedestals on each side that will serve as access points,” he said, which will serve to cut down on the use of snaking extension cords during downtown festivals.

As the trees on Queen Street’s sidewalks will be removed, Alexander said some discussion has taken place about the introduction of removable flower pots that can be rolled out in the spring and stored in winter.

“Under this project there are no plans put in other decorative features,” he said. However, there will be several “opportunities” for future projects.

On the East side of the Victoria Street Bridge, nearer to Water Street, buried infrastructure will be put in place for the future creation a “gateway feature” into St. Marys, Alexander said. “Is it a fountain? I don’t know what t will be.”

Similar infrastructure will be put in place near the Town Hall, he said.

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