Sally Says

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” ~ Sinclair Lewis

Perhaps winter has not been so much of an occupation this year, but yes, most years, definitely. It’s exciting to know that we are on the verge of a new season. The past week has been pretty decent weather wise, ice, rain and snow aside, and last weekend was “smelling spring in the air” mild. The predictions were for a mixed bag of weather; mostly mild, but we were to expect some snow events and most especially this weekend. The temperatures, thank goodness, will hopefully keep any snow fall from sticking around for too long. I am beset with several major indoor tasks and cannot even entertain the thought of stepping outside to do anything; even break up the snow clumps on the north side of our house. The north side, which is our patio side, is always the last to see the snow melt away. I have toyed with the idea of putting a flame thrower on my Christmas list. That would make short work of any leftover snow. I was actually surprised to read in a gardening magazine that a flame thrower can be used to tame weeds. Seems a smidge on the harsh side but sometimes you just want to make short work of outdoor chores. Somehow, at my age, I cannot see myself throwing all dignity to the winds and burning my weeds or my snow.

I was thinking about my clients these past few days and what it means to them to have a food bank readily available to help out in times of crisis. It goes without saying that people with children are grateful for such a service, but there are teens and single adults who need the service we provide too. All I have at my disposal is the food that I can give them to ease their monthly financial obligations. If I can free up their grocery dollars, then perhaps they are able to use that money to pay a utility or to help them with their rent. So many of us are blessed to have never had such worries on our plates, but by saying that, I realize that blessings are many times a reward of hard, “nose to the grindstone” work. Still, some people are in situations that they cannot escape. Fixed incomes are very hard to budget on when all around the cost of living is on the rise. I imagine that one would feel backed into a corner at times, but I believe we all try to do the best with what we are given. Counting our blessings, even when we think we may not have many, is a good way to raise our spirits. There are always two alternatives or choices one can go with; dwell on what we don’t have, or appreciate what we do have. I like the latter as it is like balm for the soul.

At the food bank we are finished with the sorting of all donations. It was a pretty big job and I thought it might take us into March, but with such good volunteers chipping away at the work, it was completed much faster. Thank you to Sue, Ray, and Marilyn for your weeks of hard work. It is a lovely feeling and a relief to know we have plenty, for now, to help those who come to us in need. I cannot say it enough, but we are so grateful to St. Marys and surrounding area for the support they give the Salvation Army here in town. We are fortunate to have our local communities behind us and most especially when we do put out an appeal. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

Wishing everyone a splendid weekend.


Sally Ann

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