Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

What does the town of St. Marys have to bring tourists to shop in our downtown stores, eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels or B&B’s? It could be the attraction of the Town Hall building or a swim in the Quarry-if you pass the test and a lifeguard is on duty. There may be a few other things to bring people to St. Marys, but the biggest attraction is The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum. Being a volunteer for the CBBHF&M for many years I get a chance to talk to these people who come from far and wide to visit our museum, see a ball game, and when they ask me where is a good place to eat, find accommodation & do some shopping I gladly tell them what we have in our town. Our town officials should be 100% boosting and doing everything possible to support this well known project.

Sincerely – wanting the best for St. Marys,

Nelda Mossip-Oliver.

Irregular Hours – VIA Office

The following was sent to the Mayor and Town CAO):

Aware that the notice for the above mentioned interruption of service requires special diligence to source on the website or perhaps reading from the paper, it is just this kind of sloppy service that will sink VIA for our town.

If you never give another dollar to SaveVIA so be it. You can do your part by insuring that the service provided here in St. Marys is uniquely excellent.

Allowing 2 weeks of service incompetence its just the sort of thing that leads to service failure, public apathy, and distrust of public employees, elected officials, and the regulation of the town to below third world status unless you have a car.

Some of the current councillors were very happy to use the VIA movement for their own selfish good to get elected, but seem satisfied to put the least efforts into getting Town Staff out to cover this.

It is not exactly secret that some Staff would like the VIA responsibility to go away. Clearly a sit down strike, or a work to rule to avoid keeping the station operating enhances their negative effort.

When my cleaner goes off sick I do not hang a sign on my washroom to say closed or sorry for the mess. Without another fill in, it falls to me personally although in my companies all pitch in because we want to be successful.

This complete failure to provide service for the good of the Town should go on the audit of the success of the Tourism Manager. I assume that someone is ensuring that we are auditing the departments now?


Peter Crosthwaite

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