If Trump gets in, who’s next?

The media has been publishing think pieces on the reasons why Donald Drumpf won’t become the Republican nominee for the American presidency since last summer but, as the race for the nomination has gone on, those patronizing prognostications have increasingly looked more and more silly. Republican voters in four American states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada), representing the mid-west, northeast, south and southwest, have now chosen the politician they want to run in November against either Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders or, more likely, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They have overwhelmingly chosen Drumpf. He only placed second in Iowa, the first caucus out of the gate, but has placed first in every primary since then.

As some of his opponents, including New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, have bowed out of the race, the remaining crew of Republican hopefuls whom Drumpf regularly refers to as “losers” and “babies” have spent most of their time going after one another rather than risk being singled out and emasculated by the increasingly more-popular blowhard real estate mogul/reality star/insult comic. This election cycle has demonstrated that many American voters are so fed up for so many different reasons that they’re willing to hand control of their country to a person best known as a TV personality. Most presidential candidates don’t start getting impersonated on Saturday Night Live until they’ve thrown their hat in the ring and are starting to be regularly featured in the news. Donald Drumpf was first impersonated on SNL by Phil Hartman in the late 1980s, and he stayed relevant enough that Darrell Hammond portrayed him throughout the next two decades, until Drumpf finally hosted the show himself (for the first time) in 2004 behind his successful reality show The Apprentice.

Maybe he can’t actually get enough support to become president (although that remains to be seen), but is it that crazy to think that Drumpf could become a new model for presidential candidates? Why throw millions of dollars in donations down the drain to support some nobody senator no one ever heard of when you could endorse a movie star, or a pro wrestler, or a reality star who already has a core base of supporters (not to mention a massive following on Instagram and Snapchat)? Maybe the 2020 presidential election will feature a battle between Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Snooki from Jersey Shore. It’s hard to imagine a renaissance of intelligent political discourse taking place south of the border in such a future – but it sure will be fun to watch on TV.

Something to think about…

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