End of August closing for Heinz plant

No new buyer yet

Heinz has confirmed a “tentative” closing date for the end of August for the plant in St. Marys, according to Mayor Al Strathdee. Heinz originally announced in November 2015, that the St. Marys plant would close with the loss of 214 jobs. The Mayor said that the Town has been working hard to not only help the displaced workers but to investigate a possible new owner for the plant. He said that the Ministry of Colleges and Universities are working on a job action centre, and, that Heinz has confirmed that they will be helping to fund it. It most likely will be a couple of months before that is established, the Mayor added. Mayor Strathdee said that “Our Adult Learning Centre has started computer training programs and job counseling. Workers have been on site offering assistance and sign-up information for courses. Partners in Employment have been very active working with the MTCU and are working with affected employees”.

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